I'm a forty-something urban-dwelling country-lover who enjoys drawing, painting, crochet, making things, reading, gardening, writing, photography and cake. I live on my own in a small, unremarkable house on a small, unremarkable estate close to green space in south Manchester. I have two grown-up sons and a little granddaughter, as well as a part-time job in a seventeenth-century rare books library. I spend a lot of time day-dreaming, and would like to live near the sea.


I started Mouse as a blog and a space to sell the things I make in July 2008. At the beginning of 2011 I made a decision to change my focus from sewing and making to painting and drawing, the continuation of a journey I began well over a quarter of a century ago...

Why Mouse?

Mouse is the name of a little, excitable and devoted dog who belongs to Meg, a four-year-old character in The Heart of the Family, the third book in Elizabeth Goudge's Eliot trilogy. It is also an adopted name for myself in correspondence with my lovely cousin who lives in a cosy cottage in rural Dorset. Naturally, she is Country Mouse and I am Town Mouse.